~ Barney ~

He was a fancy farm rooster always
a prunin’ and preenin’ his feathers just for show
But man could that rooster wake up the dead
when he puffed up and let out a crow
He was definitely the king of the barnyard
Struttin’ around just like he owned the place
any time a critter would get too close
Barney would take off after them in a chase
He’d peck at the legs of the big critters
and poke the small ones right on the head
If’n other young roosters try to challenge him
then them spurs of his might leave them dead
Well, all them ole hens would go scratchin’ and cacklin’
as they went sashaying all about the farm
cause each one of them knew as did the other
animals too, that Barney won’t let them come to no harm
One morning my wife was out gathering eggs
when I heard such a ruckus I couldn’t believe
I saw Barney chasing my wife across the yard
was bout the funniest thing I’d ever see’d
Yea, old Barney was a mighty good rooster
never one better for taking care of the coup
but I do have to tell y’all something
Barney made a mighty fine chicken soup
So let that be a lesson to all you struttin cowboys
You might think that you’re a running the land
But step out of line and you’re gonna find
who’s really holding the rules in their hand
Jerry Brotherton
Excerpt from “A Wanna be Cowboy in a Farmer’s Hat”
copyright 2020

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