~ Prairie Time ~

Alone on the prairie, time will gently slip

till minutes and hours begin to lose their grip

Can’t measure the day by a clock’s turning hands

you use the sun, the stars, the clouds and the land


By how long it takes for a cloud to float by

or a hawk to soar across the open sky

a black thunderstorm to roll across the plain

or a groundhog to pop up after the rain


By how long it takes a deer to bounce away

or watching two eagles in the sky at play

or bison to graze, or an elk take a drink

Seems the prairie can change as quick as a wink


But you’ll soon realize the land didn’t change

Still a sea of green ‘cross a wide open range

speckled with wildflowers that dance with the breeze

and the sound it makes blowing through Aspen leaves


Yeah, on the prairie you can lose track of time

but the Pronghorn and Sage Grouse don’t seem to mind

Robins and meadowlarks will sing you their tune

while you watch as the sun turns into the moon

9 thoughts on “~ Prairie Time ~

  1. Jerry, I so loved be this poem of yours.
    It is wonderful and make me feel I am there. Seeing all this and feeling the peace
    of just being.
    That is a way of measuring time I could easily adapt to. Guess I wouldn’t see any bison but that was not the point.
    Again, beautiful.


    Liked by 1 person

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