What is Cowboy Poetry

~ What is Cowboy Poetry ~
A friend and I had a rousing argument
around the supper table the other day
He said when them old fashioned poet would write
twas hard to understand what they had to say

I told him it wasn’t about what they said
but how their words danced with meter and rhyme
The art of words is like painting a picture
stead of a museum it hangs in your mind

I’ll tell y’all that my friend is a true cowboy
he prefers actions instead of using words
thinks people should tell the true worth of a man
from just watching the way he handles his herd

Says he’s pretty sure that any ole nimrod
can scratch pretty words on some paper with ink
If you’re trying to tell a cowboy something
just get on down to the meat of what you think

Stop prancin’ and dancin’ all your words around
Just come right on out and tell me what you mean
don’t dress it up like it’s going two steppin’
it don’t need to be all gussied up and preened

That was the day I truly understood
how poetry was really meant to be
Words written down simple and straight to the point
is the way to write good Cowboy Poetry


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