Invasion of the tiniest kind

When I was a lad and turned on the TV
was shows like Creature Feature that frighten me
Vampires, mummies, aliens, werewolfs and ghosts
were the monsters that always scared me the most

But these days it’s the news that keeps me awake
cause sometimes it’s hard to tell the real from fake
My smart phone’s bombarded by these horrific things
monster that used to only live in my dreams

Twenty four hours a day these nightmares grow strong
and with each passing second my newsfeed is on
saying there’s no escape from what’s here today
Each one of us is surely going to pay

Those mutated creatures that we used to see
we laugh at them now for being so cheesy
I long for those days and the movies of old
we killed the monsters by giving them a cold

Today’s monsters are quite another topic
quite hard to see, being so microscopic
We can’t kill them off with an atomic bomb
like they did in all them old movies long gone

I know it’s something we don’t like to discuss
because now it’s the germs that are killing us
so how will we defeat these creature you ask
the answer’s still simple, just wear your damned mask

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