Let Me Say I’m Sorry

Though no one cares bout what I say

I’ll just go ahead and say it anyway

long as it’s the words that I embrace

Cause with or without my song

this old world will still move right along

that’s the nature of the human race

So I have to say that I don’t care

even if the election was unfair

that’s still no reason to act with such distaste

To have such loathing for your fellow man

is so hard for me to understand

how any one could lack all dignity and grace

I do agree there was a time

when I let my feelings overtake my rhymes

and now I regret some words written in haste

To atone for my past sins

I’ll try not to let hatred win

the next time evil and I come face to face

Cause there is only one way that I see

to create a better place for you and me

that’s to take hatred out and put love in its place

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