~ My Covid Fear…

I know that all good things must meet their fate
but to die alone would bring such sorrows
None there to reminisce about the past
or to ponder upon the tomorrows

No one there to hold tightly my frail hand
or to gently caress my leathered cheek
With no last kiss to soothe my furrowed brow
no loving words given for memories keep

No one to whisper a final goodbye
or to pray for just a little more time
No one there to dry the tears from my face
as I succumb to the clocks closing chime

To pass unnoticed across the grey veil
with unfettered tears and shuddering breath
No one there to hear my last crying sigh
as my eyes darken with shadows of death

Jerry Brotherton
Copyright 2021

20 thoughts on “~ My Covid Fear…

  1. Beautiful poem, Jerry. So many feel like you and of course those who are not able to say good bye feel a grief beyond what would have been.

    Let us hope that we will overcome and this suffering teaches us about the value of family, friends – about love.


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