Poems that did not make the cut

We’ve all got a hundred poems or stories that we’ve started and for some reason they just fell by the wayside. I thought I’d give them one chance to see the light of day before they were shoved back in to the reject pile. Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you my series of – Poems that did not make the cut.

The Other Side of the Story
The end of hickory dickory you don’t know
is when back up the side of the clock the mouse goes
The little shit chewed right through the wire
and that started a big ass house fire
To fix that damage, I had to pay through the nose

Get Out of the Way
All that grease in the sausage I ate
has my breakfast gurgling right on through
my stomach is not feeling so great
Man I really do have to go poo

Farmer and a Cowboy
To most city slickers I suppose
it’s a little hard for them to tell
the difference between a cowboy
and just a plain farmer. in the dell
Well one uses a horse and a rope
the other drives a tractor and plow
One smells like a fancy pickup truck
The other like the ass of a cow

Peaceful Nights
Sitting outside the firelight
I share this valley with the moon
The stars twinkle overhead
and the bullfrogs begin to croon
My fire sparks its own starlight
drifting up into the night sky
To God I give a prayer
as a wolf starts a lonely cry

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