The headlines that hit my newsfeed explained…

Woman who won $60 million says she got the numbers from her husband’s dream – he was probably dreaming he won and could leave your ass

Kansas City Chiefs Patrick Mahomes speaks out about recovering from a hard hit – the dude gets paid half a billion dollars to play not sit on the side lines.

Grizzly 34, confirmed as Yellowstone’s oldest known – now there will be a hundred tourist trapsing through the woods trying to pet him

Covid-19 will likely be with us forever – Hey I thought they said it would miraculously go away as soon as the Democrats took office

You should add baking soda to your ground meat – So you don’t fart as much?

U.S. diet guidelines sidestep scientific advise to cut sugar and alcohol – That’s because they don’t want to start another riot. Can you imagine telling Bubba that not only does he have to wear a mask, but now he can’t have guns, alcohol or sugar?

Finding the soul of Montana with the toss of a dart – If only that would work with people

What it’s like to fish for Pirahnhas in the Amazon – Says the man with only three fingers

Abby Scuito’s entire NCIS backstory explained – who cares?

Watch Jeopardy host get trolled – That’s what he gets for trying to be Alex

Swap your stew for Austrian goulash – do you do that down at the local swap and shop or where

Are the Miami Dolphins waiting on Ken Dorsey for OC – if it ain’t the Chiefs, nobody cares

Kansas City Chiefs RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire will likely play – Now you’re talking

5 steps to writing a hard hitting poem – sorry I was gone so long, had to read this one

Biden has promised to reform Social Security – might be good, but it involves a politician so probably not

Why write at all? Book spine poems – man people just keep amazing me on how lazy we can get. The really weird part is that he probably has a million followers

Now it’s time for the days winner…Lord of the Rings male characters ranked by their romantic partner potential – WTF people?

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