~ Just Write a Poem…

Poetry should be easy to read
you don’t have to make it all frilly
No need to be filled with fancy words
whether you’re serious or silly

You can talk about a snowy day
the hard pouring rain or bright sunshine
Just put your feelings down on paper
hell, it doesn’t even have to rhyme

You can talk about your dog or wife
perhaps your cat or even your horse
Talk about your neighbor (maybe not)
the football field or the new golf course

Don’t be afraid to let people read
though there’s some folks that might laugh at it
But hey, at least you wrote a poem
while most of them guys didn’t do shit

So get out a pen and some paper
or typewriter if that’s what you got
Cause the key to doing something right
is to practice…and practice a lot

Jerry Brotherton

copyright 2020

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