~ Porches…

I have known many porches throughout the years
some adorned in laughter and some wrought with tears
Porches where warm breezes floated o’er the plains
and the sunlight shimmered ‘cross green waves of grain

Porches below mountains that stood tall and proud
their snowcapped peaks towering into the clouds
Porches where sea mist fell across our faces
and ships horns faded to faraway places

Porches lost in the shadows of steel and glass
the sky had no sunshine and yards had no grass
Porches that looked out across strange foreign lands
some with views of forests, some jungles, some sand

Porches ‘neath a sky filled with millions of stars
miles away from the closest ribbon of cars
Porches where the song of birds greeted each day
and summer breezes brought the smell of fresh hay

Porches from where I’ve watched the day start anew
and sunsets that filled the sky with wondrous hue
No matter the time, the place or the weather
I’ve loved all the porches we’ve shared together

10 thoughts on “~ Porches…

  1. Gerald W Perkins

    There is nothing quite like sitting on the porch and watching the sun rise while drinking that first cup of coffee in the morning. Or, sitting on the porch on a Sunday afternoon, watching the kids play in the yard and listening to the “old” folks talk about their younger days. Oh, how I miss those Sundays!

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  2. Wow, Jerry, your poem is just so wonderful. As your beautiful words flow I feel transported to all these places. I have enjoyed some various porches myself
    and you bring many memories out.
    Porches like these can sustain you on difficult days.


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  3. not as well as I had in Montana. I get some nice sunsets and the night stars are fabulous. But it’s a little crowded for country living. There are lots of wildlife that meanders across the yard. A groundhog lives under the garden shed, too many armadillos for my liking. Deer and rabbits of course along with squirrels. The bird feeder is the best source of entertainment. We have many species that visit us all day long. I can’t wait to see what spring might bring.


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