Poems That Didn’t Make the Cut #2

Bad Dog
Bang, bang, bang on my window
Scratch, scratch, scratch on the screen
I threw the dog out the door
for pooping on the kitchen floor
and my wife had the nerve to call me mean

Write or Wrong
Write like no one’s going to read
a word of what you write today
have your heart bleed on to paper
and just let come of it what may

A Montana Man
Our Governor carried a six gun
took his dog with him to state affairs
Branded bills instead of signing em
rode his horse when he went anywhere

Covid 19 virus still ravages the world
although there are millions who will still deny it
One brother obeys the laws by wearing his mask
another will take up his arms to defy it

Picky, Picky
There are those that prefer sunrise
and those that enjoy the sunset
Some will never be satisfied
But I will take what I can get

Give it Your All
All that matters at the end of a day
as you look back upon the way you lived
is you can say you were true to yourself
and gave it everything you had to give

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