~ Sunday…

I rise up early to breathe the crisp clean air
of winds blowing ‘cross the grass wondrous and fair

Across the valley the mountains rise up high
jagged purple peaks piercing the azure sky

Eagles soar ‘cross the sun looking for a meal
it’s as close to God as any man might feel

Seeing new calves breathing their first taste of spring
on limp legs, to its mother a young foal clings

Out in the grass a meadowlark courts its mate
with a song so sweet that it makes my heart ache

The bugling of elks welcome the morning light
at the foot of the ridge somewhere out of site

Across my front yard nature is at its best
here on my front porch I’d love to sit and rest

But cattle are crying, they need attending
winter was hard so there’s fences need mending

I hoist my coffee in a toast to the hand
that made me a part of his glorious plan

So I’ll take a moment, contemplate and pray
On the ranch, Sunday is just another day

Prairie Time
Jerry Brotherton
copyright 2020

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