My Story

Jerry Brotherton (The Backyard Poet) is the 14th child in a family of 15. He grew up in the Midwest and studied life through a myriad of different jobs. Over the years, he has been a soldier, steel worker, Janitor, manager and COO. He has been writing behind closed doors since middle school but none of his work ever saw the outside world, until blogging pulled him into the light. Jerry’s work has appeared in the online magazine, Vita Brevis and he has self-published one book of prose with another forthcoming. I warn you that, not only will I ramble on about nothing but, I have been known to stand upon my soapbox and rant about things I care nothing about just to hear the sound of my own voice. I will try to force my opinion upon anyone willing to pay the slightest attention.

Although I am the old cantankerous Asshat, my profile pictures makes me out to be, I tend to draw my inspiration from my beautiful wife of 40+ years, my four wonderful children or the four sweetest grandchildren in the world.

My body might currently reside in Helena, Montana but most times you will find my heart and soul roaming the memories of my childhood in Wakenda, Missouri.

My Life

As I said, I am the fourteenth child of fifteen and the seventh son. My mother and father were married for more years than some states have been in the union. I love telling the younger generation that when I was born there were only forty eight states. That is hard for an eighteen year old to wrap their head around. I was a rebel against the system at a very early age and left school at age sixteen to search for life. Fortunately I found it when I met the love of my life. We were married in 1975 and it takes some kind of crisis to keep us apart for more than a day. My four children and my four grandchildren still teach me life’s lessons daily. They never fail to amaze me.

So Why Read My Blog

That one is simple. I am intelligent, good looking and an expert on everything known to man. Seriously though, I do have an opinion on just about everything under the sun and I am not afraid to tell you about it.

I like to call myself a poet. But I try not to be one of those educated, fancy-word poets where you need to have a doctorate in English to understand what is being said. To me a flower is a flower and virginity is virginity and the two do not mean the same thing. I am a down to earth, simple language kind of guy. I overuse commas, adjectives and adverbs. I tend to tell…not show…a story. Everything all the experts in writing tell me not to do.

But when have I ever cared what experts had to say about anything.

I promise to keep this blog filled with MY opinions on aging, cooking, parenting, marriage, art, politics, philosophy, love, travel, family, friends and anything else I want. Because this is my blog and I am the master. I read somewhere…not sure where so I apologize if I am plagiarizing…that anything you say or do could end up in one of my rants.

Now that you have a little insight as to what the Backyard Poet is all about, I hope to see you on here often. There are lots of ways to contact me on my contact page. So if you don’t get offended too easily…welcome aboard.

Jerry Brotherton

The Backyard Poet