What’s Going On Tomorrow…10/16/2019

Dad Joke of the Day: Why don’t vampires go to barbecues? … Because they don’t like stakes.

Quote of the Day: The one who snores the loudest will always fall asleep first.”    

Today in History: 1793 – France – Marie-Antoinette-Josèphe-Jeanne d’Autriche-Lorraine or  Maria Antonia Josepha Joanna von Österreich-Lothringen, best known as just Marie-Antoinette,Austrian queen consort of King Louis XVI of France was  guillotined

Born on This Day: 1925 – London, England – Angela Lansbury, British-born American character actress      

Died on This Day: Ten of the 12 defendants sentenced to death at the Nurnberg trials – Hans Frank, Wilhelm Frick, Julius Streicher, Alfred Rosenberg, Ernst Kaltenbrunner, Joachim von Ribbentrop, Fritz Sauckel, Alfred Jodl,  Wilhelm Keitel and Arthur Seyss-Inquart – were hanged.    

National…Department Store Day, Take Your Parents to Lunch Day, Liqueur Day,

International…Food Day

What’s Going On Tomorrow…10/15/2019

Dad Joke of the Day: Sausage puns are the wurst. 

Quote of the Day: “A good friend is more important than a passionate lover.”   

Today in History: 2003 – China became the third country to launch a manned spaceflight; Shenzhou 5, which was piloted by Yang Liwei, orbited Earth 14 times during the 21-hour flight.  

Born on This Day:  1844 – Prussia – Friedrich Nietzsche, Classical scholar and philosopher

Died on This Day: 2018 – Seattle, Washington – Paul Allen,American investor and philanthropist best known as the cofounder of Microsoft Corporation  

National…Pharmacy Technician Day, Grouch Day, Cheese Curd Day

International…Rural Women Day

A Bad and Dirty Joke – The Delivery man…

Wee Willie was walking past his parents’ bedroom in the middle of the night, in search of a glass of water. Hearing a lot of moaning and thumping, he peeks in and catches his folks in The Act. Before dad can even react, Wee Willie exclaims “Oh, boy! Horsie ride! Daddy, can I ride on your back?”
Well Daddy, being a little relieved that Willie’s not asking more uncomfortable questions, and seeing the opportunity not to break his stride, agrees. Willie hops on and Daddy starts going to town. Pretty soon Mommy starts moaning and gasping.
Willie cries out “Hang on tight, Daddy! This is the part where me and the delivery guy usually get bucked off!”

Author Unknown

Song Lyric Sunday – The Shortest Story

All my Song Lyric posts will be songs that influenced the young and naive Jerry (still working on that growing up thing) as I made my way through life. Each song will hold a fond memory for me and hopefully a small amount of entertainment for you. Most of them will be from so long ago that all you young’ens will probably just laugh at them.

Songwriters: Harry F. Chapin
The Shortest Story lyrics © Warner Chappell Music, Inc

I am born today
The Sun burns a promise
In my eye

Mama strikes me
And I draw a breath and cry
Above me a cloud
Slowly tumbles through the sky
I am glad, to be alive

It is my seventh day
I taste the hunger
And I cry

My Brother and sister
Cling to Mama’s side
She squeezes her breast
But it has nothing to provide
Someone weeps, I fall asleep

It is twenty days today
Mama does not hold me

I open my mouth
But I am to weak to cry
Above me a bird slowly crawls across the sky
Why is there nothing
Now to do but die?

Harry Forster Chapin (December 7, 1942 – July 16, 1981) was an American singer-songwriter, humanitarian, and producer best known for his folk rock and pop rock songs. Chapin recorded a total of 11 albums from 1972 until his death in 1981. All 14 singles that he released became hit singles on at least one national music chart.
Harry Chapin was an advocate for the eradication of world hunger, and was a key participant in the creation of the Presidential Commission on World Hunger in 1977. Chapin is credited with being the most politically and socially active American performer of the 1970s. In 1987, and was posthumously awarded the Congressional Gold Medal for his humanitarian work.
Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harry_Chapin ———————————————————————————————My Story: On those rare occasions when I begin feeling sorry for myself. I throw on my headphones to tune out the world and this is one of the songs I listen to. It reminds me of the things that really matter to me in life. It tells me that no matter how bad I think things are, there are always people in this world who would rejoice at what I’ve been blessed with. I often contemplate the words written on Harry Chapin’s epitaph –
Oh, if a man tried
To take his time on Earth
And prove before he died
What one man’s life could be worth
I wonder what would happen
To this world

Wouldn’t it be lovely if when it’s our time to kneel before the throne, we can say that we did all we could and held nothing back. I know I have a lot of work left to do.

What’s Going On Tomorrow…10/14/2019

Dad Joke of the Day

What did the buffalo say when Junior went off to college?


Quote of the Day: “A dog always barks loudest when he’s at the back of a pack.”  

Today in History: 1947 – Chuck Yeager – American test pilot became the first person to break the sound barrier

Born on This Day: 1890 – Dennison, Texas – Dwight D. Eisenhower, Supreme commander of the Allied forces and 34th president of the United States of America

Died on This Day:  1977 – Madrid, Spain – Bing Crosby, American singer, actor and songwriter



Columbus Day (Observed) – In honor of the man that did almost everything wrong (see my post from 10/11/2019) we close down all the banks, post office, business, congress and just about everything in the country to observe this day. If we’re going to celebrate Columbus Day, at least there should be football on all day like on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Kick Butt Day – No, it doesn’t mean dragging your noisy neighbor, the one that insists on playing music on the highest volume setting until the wee hours of the morning every night and showing them what the steel toe of your work boot is for. It’s a day set aside to take stock in your achievements and to set new goals for you to work harder and smarter to achieve. Created by the CEO of some company I’m sure.

Dessert Day – With Autumn now in full glory, we find ourselves spending more and more time indoors as those nights get longer and colder. That means football on television, lots of coffee in the pot, or beer in the fridge, and snacks. What better snack could there be than a sugar loaded cake or a plate of hot chocolate chip cookies. So as the snow gets closer, turn on the oven and dust off that old family recipe book and get started.