On the stress of needing to write

Rebloged this because anyone who has ever been found at 3AM changing a paragraph or stanza for the eighteenth time needs to know they are not alone.

Spandex Kitten

I assume that anyone reading this,
has at some point, had a need to write. A burning sensation in your gut or brain
or heart telling you to write down your thoughts or feelings or ideas. These
early days of this desire are exciting, and the ideas flow out for better or
worse. In the beginning it’s easy, and the euphoria that is felt cannot be
explained to anyone who hasn’t experienced it. You are quite literally writing
on a high and an addiction sets in. I think Susan Orlean said it best;

Writing gives me great feelings of pleasure.
There’s a marvelous sense of mastery that comes with writing a sentence that
sounds exactly as you want it to. It’s like trying to write a song, making tiny
tweaks, reading it out loud, shifting things to make it sound a certain way.
It’s very physical. I get antsy. I…

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