100 Word Wednesday – Sally Jo…

She was a drab forty something in fuzzy pink house slippers and tights that made her ass look like the surface of the moon. A big flesh colored moon showing all the ridges, mountains and craters. Her thin tie-dyed t-shirt was a size too small and revealed the dark nipples hiding beneath it. She lit a joint and coughed the smoke into the space that separated her from the world. A woman stuck in the 1960’s while life moved on without her.

But Phillip will forever tell the story of how, at 17, a beautiful Greek goddess brought him manhood.

100 Word Wednesday — Quality vs quantity…

senior-3336451_640 (1)The young boy was impatiently running ahead. Lagging behind him, the elderly couple held hands and constantly stopped to take in the sites. They would read the signs and take pictures and discuss what they each were seeing. Growing frustrated, the boy eventually stopped and turned to them and said, “We need to go faster Papa and Gramma or we won’t get to see everything.” The old man turned to his wife and smiled. “He will learn someday that by slowing down, the quality of the places we do see is much more rewarding than how many places we see.”

Weekly Fortune Cookie – You’re Never Too Old to Learn

Fortune Cookie - Never too old

With the onslaught of modern technology that gets thrown my way every day and being older than dirt myself, with four children, four grand-kids, a son-in-law and a daughter-in-law that turn their faces away and snicker to each other every time I attempt to make a phone call…I know a bit about this subject. So yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks.

That still doesn’t mean that he won’t stand there and stare at you like you’re the dumbest thing alive. He’s just like me. I know what you’re saying and I know I can hit CTR-ALT-whatever in the hell.  Thing is, I just don’t care enough to do it. It’s a whole lot easier for me to feign ignorance and have one of you young whippersnappers ‘show up’ the old man. So you have to wonder, who was it that just got taught a lesson?

Crying Hands

These once youthful, nimble fingers

Have pinned diapers on your behind

Swatted the misbehaving toddler

When you got out of line

Held your hand on the first day of school

Applauded loudly as the graduate passed

Waved goodbye when you moved on to face the world

Prayed for your happiness to last

Used words to paint my memories

So you might know how it all began

But now these once so nimble fingers

Can barely hold my pen

So I want to tell you one last time

Before these hands of mine go

I’d like to give you one last rhyme

To tell you how I love you so