~ John…

Well John was brand new to the Rockin’ Bar J
Down in Missouri’s where he’d spent his young days

His white cowboy hat with the fancy gold band
with fringe on his chaps and kid gloves on his hands

Had snake skin cowboy boots that shone like wet grass
He smelled like a spring flower when’er he walked past

They said he was some nephew of the boss man
came out here to learn how to be a ranch hand

We geared up Devil, that horse hadn’t been rid
and called over John and said “he’s yours now kid”

John said he knew horses he’d used them to plow
but this one seemed a little meaner somehow

Well I eared that stallion while John held the reigns
put his foot in the stirrup and grabbed his mane

He pulled himself right up and sat on the throne
lasted bout a second before he was thrown

Well they say no man’s lived without facing fear
and no flower will grow when watered with tears

Instead of a crying and heading for home
John got right back up and remounted that roan

Now that horse went to whirling like all get out
John held fast to the horn and let out a shout

It was looking like that boy might win the day
When that horse spun and threw him to next Tuesday

Well John never turned into no cowboy hand
Went back to Missouri and plowing the land

There’s one thing we learned that we never did plan
How the clothes that you wear do not make the man