On This Day…10/5/2019

Dad Joke of the Day: Did you hear about the guy who lost the left side of his body? He’s alright now.

Quote of the Day: A person can find the good or the bad in anything. It all depends on what they’re looking for.

Today in History: 1998 – House Judiciary committee recommended impeachment hearings against President Bill Clinton.

Born on This Day: 1902 – Chicago, Illinois – Raymond Albert (Ray)Kroc. American businessman and founder of McDonalds.

Died on This Day: 2011 – Steve Jobs – American business man and co-founder of Apple.

Today is National… Get Funky Day, Do Something Nice Day, Apple Betty Day

Monday Morning Blues…

John stood at the window of his fifth floor office and smiled at the traffic on the street below. All those cars speeding past with their Monday morning drivers jockeying for a position nearer to the front of the line. Only to have to slam on their brakes again as the light on the corner of Grand St. turned red. In their eagerness to get to the jobs they hated, they’d start inching forward with each second that passed until the light would turn green and they could stomp on the accelerator to go another ¼ mile before screeching to a stop again on Jefferson.
He turned his attention to a group of little kids in the park across the street. Amused at how they clutched their mother’s fingers with one hand while they tried to toss bread crumbs from the other. Then they would quickly back away and peer out from behind the legs of their protector as the ducks and pigeons scurried forward to snatch them up. Jumping up and down with joy they would point their fingers and giggle at the fascination of it all.
“You know, it really doesn’t take much to make people happy. I sure wish you would have learned that lesson years ago.” John said, as he turned around to look at his lifeless body slumped over the desk. Its face buried in the quarterly reports that just had to be finished. It was still wearing the same suit he had worn to work on Friday.

100 Word Flash – Plan for the Future…

His cell phone has a hinge. He’s been driving the same minivan for 15 years. His dinner is water and a bologna sandwich. He has a twenty inch TV without cable. Every dime scrutinized, every penny saved. Never uses credit. Nothing wasted. He checks his savings and 401K every month. Each year he analyses his Social Security payout statement. His sacrifice will pay off in retirement. It’s going to be done right. Travel anywhere he wants, eat anything he pleases. He won’t be dependent on anyone. For his 64th birthday his doctor gave him a surprise gift of six months.

A Soldier’s Destiny

Photo coutesy of https://pixabay.com/users/giselafotografie

Nothing marks the day
He left this world
No pomp, no glory
No flags unfurled
No marching parade
To fill the streets
No tears to run down
Crimson hued cheeks
No one to hold him
No one to care
Just blood stained dirt in
A war somewhere
Left to remind us
Of what he gave
So we could live free
In his land of the brave

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Flash Friday – Quick to Forget

For a couple of weeks the phone calls and cards expressed sympathies. Then as suddenly as death itself, they stopped. For the next year, things reminded me of her; a favorite song on the radio or someone would cook a dish she liked. Now, I only remember her twice a year. On her birthday I tweet she would’ve been 104. I wish her a happy birthday in Heaven. As if they had birthdays in Heaven. On the anniversary of her death I post on Facebook how I miss her and quickly scroll on to the next newsfeed.
Oh look…tiny goats.