The First Time

My hands were getting clammy

It was hard to take a breath

I know that you had to hear

My heart pounding in my chest

If you had any questions

God I’m glad you did not ask

I could not even whisper

Scared to death behind my mask

My body shivered fiercely

No way could we ever stop

Our minds spun out of control

As you slipped out of your top

Your skin was soft as feathers

I melted into your soul

My life was all in pieces

It was you that made me whole

Down on Nimrod Road

Down on Nimrod Road

Now that run down house is barely standing

Down on the dirt road just off the highway

But back then to us it was our mansion

A place where the two of us would go play


Our innocence was never compromised

Our hearts were fulfilled and bursting with love

I satisfied your wants, desires and needs

With all the things you were deserving of


From the very first time I touched your skin

I knew that I would never leave again

Nothing as good as that could be a sin

Because I knew I loved you way back then

Down on Nimrod Rd


The world may hold other pretty faces

With fiery red hair crowning genius poll

They can come from different countries and races

But they will all pale in the light of your soul


Their splendor is shadowed when in your light

Their essence becomes tarnished and rusted

Because your elegance always shines bright

And It’s for your love that I’ve always lusted


Your grandeur comes from deep within your heart

While their beauty barely scratches their surface

Your love and mine cannot be torn apart

I often wonder what I did to deserve it


You took a broken child riddled with fear

Your Love enveloped me and made me whole

So even now, in these frail fading years

I still Love you more than you’ll ever know


Progress is never what it seems. It hides behind the mask of deceit. Progress always means change…change means money… but it’s always money for someone who has never had to live with the changes that progress has left them. Anytime you hear that they’re going to do a thing in the name of progress, you can bet that it’s just another way of saying, let’s take what’s beautiful, or intricately crafted, and turn it into something sleek, streamlined, cold…and ugly. Without warning progress will rip the heart from of a place and steal its innocents. It will pull the beauty from everything it touches and leave in its wake a crippled used up shell of what it once was.