Weekly Fortune Cookie – Ludere magis laborare!

 Work hard…Play harder!

Way back a long time ago, when I was just a young lad and just starting to get a handle on life, my brother-in-law Tommy told me something that has stayed with me throughout the decades.

“Always make sure you take the time to enjoy life. If there is a job to be done, work as hard as you can to do it right. Just make sure than when the task is over that you celebrate just as hard.

Weekly Fortune Cookie – He who laughs at himself never runs out of things to laugh at…


Fortune Cookie - Laugh at Yourself

A long time ago, I used to take myself very seriously. Until I understood that if I worried about what other people thought of me I never got anything done. If you can laugh at yourself, then others are laughing with you. If you take yourself too serious then you might find that everyone else is just laughing at you. Enjoy the ride while you have the chance. By tomorrow, no one will remember it anyway.


Some co-workers showing their love.

2005 - Derrick and Jerry
Queen of the Relay for Life

Giving Hula lessons at a Relay for Life



I didn’t realize how much people love shoving pies in my face


Finally found some friends who could put up with me


Weekly Fortune Cookie — You can always find happiness at work…

Fortune Cookie - Happiness on Friday


Just about 4:00 on Friday. Because we all know that the worst weekend will still trump even the best workday. No matter how sick or hurt I was at the beginning of my shift, by the time the hour hand finally managed to crawl around to the end of the day, all my aches and pains would somehow vanish. There’s no sound in the world that brings more smiles to our faces than the clank of a time clock on Friday afternoon.

Your Daily Fortune Cookie 2/2/2019

Most ideas will sound crazy, stupid and uneconomical and then they turn out to be right – Reed Hastings

We all know the stories “That’s just a wild and crazy idea young man, no one with half a brain would ever pay good money for that. So take your ‘Pet Rock’, ‘Mood Ring’, ‘Bottled Water’, ‘Canned Air’, ‘Beanie Baby’, and ‘Santa Mail’ out of here and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.”

If you believe in yourself, don’t let people convince you that you’re wrong. Keep on trying.