On a blanket in May

Rippling down the mountainside
flows a clean blue Alpine stream
Bubbling o’er the valley floor
like an image from a dream

Horses grazing in the grass
song birds singing from the trees
Butterflies flitting about
floating on a summer breeze

Wisps of clouds drifting along
a bright sun hangs in the sky
casting a shade from the trees
to where two young lovers lie

Hand in hand they make their plan
a future so bright and gay
All the world is in their arms
this heavenly day in May

Perhaps in all the moments
that’s ever been known to man
T’was never one more serene
than this painting from God’s hand

Prairie Time
Jerry Brotherton

Dumb Joke of the Day – An Atheist…

An atheist was walking through the woods one day, admiring all that evolution had created. “What majestic trees! What a powerful river! What beautiful animals!” he said to himself. As he was walking alongside the river, he heard a rustling in the bushes behind him. Turning to look, he saw a 13-foot Grizzly bear beginning to charge towards him. He ran as fast as he could down the path. He looked over his shoulder and saw that the bear was rapidly closing on him. Somehow, he ran even faster, so scared that tears came to his eyes. He looked again and the bear was even closer. His heart pounded in his chest. He tried to run faster, but he tripped and fell to the ground. As he rolled over to pick himself up, the bear was right over him, reaching for him with its left paw and raising its right paw to strike him.
“OH MY GOD! …”
Time stopped…The bear froze…The forest was silent…Even the river stopped moving .
As a brilliant light shone upon the man, a thunderous voice came from all around…
As difficult as it was, the atheist looked directly into the light and said, “It would be hypocritical to ask to be a Christian after all these years, but perhaps you could make the bear a Christian?”
“VERY WELL,” said God.
The light went out…The river ran…The sounds of the forest resumed… and the bear dropped down on his knees, brought both paws together, bowed his head and spoke: “Lord, thank you for this food which I am about to receive.”

Author Unknown

A Morning in Carroll County

The valley lay in peaceful slumber under the comforting blanket of a warm night. The clear summer sky was filled with thousands of tiny flecks of light that danced against a deep blanket of black. As the eastern horizon brightened, beginning a slow transformation into dawn, those stars that had dominated the night with their brilliance, slowly faded… withdrawing back into the heavens. Surrendering themselves to the encroaching dawn.

So slight was the change that it came almost without notice. Looking at them there appeared to be no movement at all. But a simple glance away for just a few moments and you’d find that entire galaxies had dimmed or disappeared completely. As the darkness leached from the sky and morning began to shift; first black to gray…then pale blue…finally into cobalt as night yielded to the encroaching dawn.

Slowly the sun pulled itself over the wooded hilltops and splashed the sky with a dazzling array of color. It burned away the swirling fog that had crept up from the river and filled gullies, ditches, and hovered over ponds and fields. As the ghostly mist evaporated it exposed to the world those hidden places with forgotten names like Long Tater Hill, Low Gap, Bunch Hollow, Rabbit Island and Wakenda.

The coming dawn brought to life a sea of green that swirled and rolled in the soft morning breeze. The vast fields of corn, wheat, soybeans, and alfalfa stretched out from the banks of the Missouri River to touch the horizon. Each tiny drop of moisture that dangled from the tips of their leaves reflected the beauty of the sunrise.

Cows grazing in rich emerald pastures looked up with tender shoots of sweet clover dangling from their mouths. They felt the sun…it warmed their blood and sent small wisps of steam rising from their backs. The sun had witnessed this scene countless times before and did not linger to enjoy the serenity of the moment. It moved on uncaring. But for me the scene will remain frozen in my memory…I weep for all who have never known such joy.

He Shall Return

My king is gone and my heart quakes at his memory. Men have forgotten what it was to have him in their depths. We are stone and no longer feel our hearts beating in our breasts. There is no one we could call to be a leader of men. Without guidance we are little more than animals. We squabble and fight; turning on our brothers because they do not have the same veneer. We kill each other for scraps of nothing. We are consumed by hate and blackness. The true courage of men has failed.

But hear me all you Heaven and Earth. Rejoice… for as long as there is but one left that keeps kindness in his heart, he will come again. His return will begin in the small deeds of man… in forgotten things and insignificant actions. Kindness will spark the kindling of Love and it will spread like wildfire through the souls of men.


You are not the tears you shed

At the loss of childhood dreams

You are not the pain that led

To the sound of piercing screams


You are not the reason why

You had to face the world alone

You’re not the words they let fly

And turned your heart to stone


I know it is hard to comprehend

A future full and bright

But Just reach out and take his hand

And God will make it right