Intolerable – 100 Word Fiction

When my friend opens her mouth, hatred and ugliness comes flying out. I look at my wife who mirrors my quizzical expression and we wonder how one person could hate everything so much? True, she’s not rich, but certainly not poor either. She isn’t an ugly woman. She has a loving husband, nice children and a few wonderful grandchildren.
Perhaps age is creeping into her mind and she’s feeling mortal.
Has she been angry for so long that it just seems normal or does she just enjoys being angry.
I have to wonder, does she care that she’s becoming intolerable?

Short Story Saturday – The Funeral

 His heart was formed from the black gumbo that filled the space between heaven and hell

It was a cloudy and rain soaked day when they lowered Eddie into his 8’ x 3’ x 6’ eternal home. The entire town was in attendance. Most people were still stunned at the news that our star athlete was dead. To listen to them talk, he was a saint. More like a God among men, a Messiah sent to us to deliver us to the Promised Land reserved for those who could call themselves ‘State Champions’.

Every business in town was closed and every man in town who wasn’t at the funeral was gathered down at Pappy’s bar. They sat around mourning in their own way, like men without pride tend to do, over beer and whisky. While every woman in town was busy frying chicken or making a casserole for after the funeral. All of them crying like the very heart and soul had been ripped from the town itself.

On the pulpit, Reverend Delkes was proclaiming that, “God has stretched out his arms and pulled young Edward James Walters to walk eternally at his side.”

Tears streamed down Momma Walter’s cheeks. William, Eddie’s father, stood by her side. Teeth clenched and jaw set so as to show no emotion. Eddie’s sister Mary stood beside them both, swaying back and forth like the Holy Spirit had entered her body and took possession of her. The boys wept because they knew any hope of their winning now was being covered with black gumbo. All the girls cried because they knew he was their best shot of getting out of this town.

But you and I know the truth Janice. You and I know what really happened so many years ago. We know that bastard got exactly what he deserved. But your soul is still tied up in knots from his hands and I will live with the blood on mine and gladly give more. If only I could move the clock backwards for you. To that Friday before he ripped away your innocence.


To see America in this place makes me weep

When the only hope we have to spread our message

Maybe to take up our arms and march through the street

In an attempt to save ourselves from the wreckage

They regulate all our thoughts and actions freely

As they sell us diet colas and empty hope

They can sell us our leaders just as easily

When we traded religion for their plug-in trope

I want to see those men hidden in the shadows

Pushing the buttons destroying our resistance

Bring them forward to face me in the light and show

Why a corrupt government deserves existence

Step forward all true American loyalists

Take back the land of the free; the home of the brave

Perhaps this might be the only chance we will get

Will it be liberty or a walk to the grave?

Rediculous Facebook Posts

I saw two different post on Facebook today that just blew my mind. Sometimes, I wonder if people even think about what they put out there for the world to see. The first post read, “If Trump starts a new war then the people that voted for him should be drafted first.”

Seriously people! So what you’re saying is that if I get into a taxi and he has a wreck on the way to my house then I should be held responsible…after all, I was the one who chose that particular taxi and I was the one who told him where to go and maybe even told him which road to take. Therefore, I should be held responsible.

Many people I know voted for Trump because they believed in what he had to say. Just because you and I knew that he was a narcissistic buffoon with a 3 year old’s mentality, does not mean that everyone did.

The second post asks, “Should Obama be added to Mount Rushmore?”

What, what, WHAT?

What on earth would make you ask a question like that? Yes, he was the first black president. But let’s face it; that was just a matter of timing. It was time for, and right for America. There were much better choices…Condolezza Rice or Colin Powell come quickly to mind. But I wonder what people think actually gives him the privilege to live beside Lincoln, Jefferson, Washington and Roosevelt (I am not fully convinced that he should be there). Heck, Kennedy put a man on the moon and routed Russian aggression and yet did not earn an honored seat.

So let’s get real America and start rewarding or removing people based on their qualifications or lack thereof. People talk about term limits for congress. Why do we need them if we are doing our job properly? It’s simple; if someone is not doing the job we think they should then we must not vote them in again.

For those of us that do not believe in Trump or his message, it is our job to convince our neighbor why and vote him out of office.

But with respect and not hatred. My wife and I do not agree on half the decisions we make yet we are still happily married after 42 years. Sometimes I even get to win.


Yesterday, I was fully prepared to openly admit that the Orange Man finally said something that made sense when he stated that the Justice Department would investigate and prosecute any persons found guilty in the tragic death and injuries that occurred in Charlottesville.

But, just as I was about to hit the post button, his childlike nature stepped forward once again and erased the final glimmer of hope I had for his redemption. This man’s ego just will not let him keep his mouth closed and unfortunately for the world, every time it opens, more of his ignorance pours forth.

America, I beg of you, can’t you now see the pure stupidity and moronic values that we have deemed fit to call the leader of our country. It should make no difference if you are Republican, Democrat, Independent or ‘I just close my eyes and make a mark’, the truth should now be apparent. There is no shame in admitting it. We made a mistake and now the fate of the world hinges on the ability of an unreliable congress to keep the insane Orange Man from doing the unthinkable just because someone told him he couldn’t have another cookie.


You skulked down the hidden backstreets of rationality, peering through the keyholes of human decency and crawled in through the sewers of thought to whisper your name to the unsuspecting innocence, filling them with the fear of discontented oppression.

“We are America, Fuck You!” was your battle cry and the naive jump aboard your pretentious parade. Fake news… fake hair… FAKE TRUTH! Maybe we should have ‘read YOUR lips’.

Wall them out… or wall us in…that is the question.

Oh yes, my dear friend William… we are truly suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous buffoonery. Do we now take up arms and light the battle fires of resistance.

Or do we sleep… perchance to dream.

We must be careful what we dream for.