On This Day…10/5/2019

Dad Joke of the Day: Did you hear about the guy who lost the left side of his body? He’s alright now.

Quote of the Day: A person can find the good or the bad in anything. It all depends on what they’re looking for.

Today in History: 1998 – House Judiciary committee recommended impeachment hearings against President Bill Clinton.

Born on This Day: 1902 – Chicago, Illinois – Raymond Albert (Ray)Kroc. American businessman and founder of McDonalds.

Died on This Day: 2011 – Steve Jobs – American business man and co-founder of Apple.

Today is National… Get Funky Day, Do Something Nice Day, Apple Betty Day

Real Life Fridays — 1963, defining my place in the world…

1965 Jerry 2nd Grade1

“I have a dream” – Martin Luther King Jr.

“Ich bin ein Berliner” – John Kennedy

“The answer is blowing in the wind” – Peter, Paul and Mary

“Segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever” – George Wallace

“They have killed my husband. I have his brains in my hand” – Jacqueline Kennedy

“You don’t catch hell because you’re a Democrat or a Republican. You don’t catch hell because you’re a Mason or an Elk, and you sure don’t catch hell because you’re an American; you catch hell because you’re a black man” – Malcom X

“Mrs. Conway, I have to go to the bathroom” – Jerry Brotherton

Real Life Friday – 1957

At Wham-o the Pluto Platter

Gets a brand new name

Fred and Ethel say farewell

Dick Clarke gets his fame

The Cat in the Hat is born

Bogie has moved on

Hurricane Audrey rages

While Paul meets with John

Sputnik said that space is now

The brand new frontier

But Russia’s I. C. B. M. missiles

Make their intentions clear

Four hundred officials killed

By Vietcong hands

Elvis starts his life behind

The walls of Graceland

Seventy thousand more lives

Lost to Asian flu

We were losing the space race

As Vanguard dies too

In Arkansas the guards block

The Little Rock Nine

Eisenhower sends in his troops

To settle down the times

McGovern points a finger

Says they’re Commie Reds

Soviets test the H Bomb

Brings ultimate dread

Laika makes it into space

U.S. is grounded

Great Britain test their bomb and

All the alarms are sounded

Great innovations and fails

In births and technology

The electric watch, the Edsel

Jayne Torvill and me